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Single Gents

Single Gents attending Wicked Club, please remember that it is a privilege for single gents to attend, gents are there to please the ladies and must treat them with respect ALWAYS.

NO always means NO and one cannot touch someone without asking FIRST!

These rules enable everyone at the club to have a great time without inhibition or being wary of abuse.

On Friday nights we allow single gents to attend under the condition stated above. You may show up at the door, however, please keep in mind that if at any time we feel that the ladies at the club are not been respected, you will be asked nicely to leave.

On Saturdays, single gents must be accompanied by a couple or a lady.

We make very few exceptions for existing known members or a single gent referred by another couple. You would need to apply to attend by emailing me (please include 2 pictures, lifestyle experience, who referred you and any other detail you may think is relevant and can enhance your chances of being accepted).

Please understand that Wicked is a place where women can embrace their sexuality in an uninhibited manner and therefore we strive to provide an environment where women will feel comfortable.

Wicked is where Women run the show!

Thank you Aurora (:

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