Private area for members only, provides a safe a secure environment where people can explore their sexuality and fantasies, no matter how wild or how mild!

Amenities include:

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  1. Can’t wait to see the new facility. Hundreds of great memories back on Queen St. Looking forward to making new ones soon! We’re totally excited to see everyone again!

  2. I’d like more information about your club, Ive heard several positive feedback. Do you plan on opening again soon? In the interm what other establishments would you recommend? How do I become a member or add to a mailing list? Thank you TM

  3. Hello , my husband and I have been to your club a few times before and we really enjoyed it. I was wondering if you’d be open for June 3rd as it is our anniversary

  4. Hi folks,
    We have been visiting XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for quite a while but we would like to try something else. I have heard great comments about you and would be very much interested in visiting. Are you operating now from your new location?

  5. My partner and I have booked a weekend in Montreal, end of March 2014….having a hard time getting any info for the club, or any swingers event…, addresses etc… seem to be outdated, or places have closed. How can I be directed to at least access a directory to fill gain more info so we may apply for entrance to any events or parties?

    1. Hi Susan,

      Wicked club is relocating and therefore is currently not open. We plan on re-opening end of March beginning of April. We are also re-building the website from scratch. Updates will be posted on a regular basis. We can still be reached by email at for more information. thank you, Aurora

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