Last night at Wicked


Last night was fun! I haven’t had so much fun in a long time. A lot of our Wicked regulars came back, plus as usual a good amount of newbies.

I take a perverse pleasure in getting people to do naughty stuff. I like to set them up, then sit back and watch as my small kinky trick snowballs into an all out orgy of naughtiness.

Last night was no exception as I suddenly decided to spread whipped cream on the birthday girl’s nipples. I managed to lick some of it off before being pushed aside by some beautiful bombshell who finished the job for me.

This was getting a good start, I spread some more…a little lower this time…and sure enough another cutie pushed her way in to lick it off birthday girl’s belly button.

I got bolder and my next move was to spread the cream on her pearl … that’s when the real fun got going…A line up of sexy ladies took turns in pleasuring birthday girl.

I love it when the naughty stuff just happens…unchoreographed and spontaneous…

more naughty stories to come….




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