• Wicked Club is relocating!

    Yes…We are relocating…AGAIN!

    Once in a while we all need something fresh…something new…

    In a bid to be unique, 10 years ago, Wicked took Toronto’s sensual lifestyle to new levels.

    Raising the bar of what lifestyle clubs should be and feel like.

    Wicked Club was:

    • FIRST private “by invitation” themed parties.
    • FIRST fully themed mansion parties with unique sensual design geared to your fantasies.
    • FIRST fully licensed “on-premise” club.
    • It’s time to be FIRST again…

    Wicked is relocating, new location will be available soon and we promise to bring again something new and exciting to your weekend escapades.

    As always we design our venues with your fantasies in mind and how to live them.

    In order to focus our full attention to the design of the new location, our old one will be closed.

    Once in a while, please check www.wickedclub.com for updates and/or subscribe to our newsletter to receive an invite to our New Grand Opening!

    We love you all and wish you all the best for 2014!

    Thank you,

    Aurora & Shlomo


    • veevgirl1

      Please include me on the list too – when is the opening set for?

    • Nikki

      Can’t wait to see the new club… I was just starting to really get used to this one .. I don’t know how it could possibly be better :) can’t wait to see


      Hi , so cool, please include me to your guest list for the grand opening.

    • goloden

      I would love to see the new facility. Please include me in the guest list

    • kris

      we would love to see the new club….please include us on the guest list…

      Dan and Gen

    • NaughtyJA

      can’t wait till you reopen again….

    • Tzme

      Can’t wait! Hurry up there’s no other club like wicked

    • Katy & Tom

      We looove to be FIRST …. so please include us on the guest list. We can’t wait !
      Kisses and see you soon …..

    • Megan and Jens

      We can’t wait to see the new location.
      Please add us to your Guest list and Newsletter.

      Thanks and see you soon.


    • jesse

      please add us to any lists that might let us know of your new location
      we were members on queen and looking forward to you being open
      please include us on the guest list

    • Hotbrowncouple

      Where is the new location.

    • Frank

      Can’t wait until you get open

    • Eric and Sue

      we would love to see the new club….please include us on the guest list.

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